PostArctica: Birds With Arms Compilation

Because the internet is so much more than just copy and paste!

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Justin Trudeau and the Continuing Saga of Canadian Apathy

A recent poll shows strong support for the Trudeau government in Canada, and I have to think, once again, that it is surprising to see that Canadians can be so uncritical and unquestioning of their government. Yes, Harper was defeated, and yes, that was a good thing. But the current government under Trudeau Jr. is ...

Cowichan Conversations: Canadian PM Harper’s Government Complicit in Israeli War Crimes

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger Canada, once the peacekeeping nation of merit and respect has been downgraded in the eyes of international observers since being led by right wing ideologue, Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. His unbalanced view and posture is nowhere more obvious that his absolute support for the extreme right-wing Israeli’s attack ...

Melissa Fong: Bullet-Proof Blankets for kids? Not the solution.

My reaction to bullet proof blankets for children: When I was a kid we had fire and earthquake drills. When I became a teacher I had to verse the children […]

The Scott Ross: Iran’s 2nd Amendment Right To Nuclear Weapons

If countries are like people and people, regardless of intelligence, have the right to bear arms, even though they can and have killed others, why can’t every country bear nuclear weapons? Either every individual actor, be they person or country, has the right to bear arms or they don’t. Guns are of course not like ...