LeDaro: Stephen Harper in Indonesia attending APEC meeting.

Interesting dress.

The Disaffected Lib: Is China Ready to Make Its Move? Will Beijing Tear Up the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Most Canadians, and most Americans for that matter, don’t appreciate the lengths the United States has been going to in order to contain China and slow its ascendancy – politically, economically, militarily and technologically. China’s space programme has been targeted by the United States using its ITAR trade regulation to prevent the transfer of American ...

OpenMedia.ca: The Internet Insider | Say No To Internet Censorship

Hello! Listen up, world leaders! The citizens of the Internet have a few demands. We want to put an end to threats to Internet freedom. Head over to OpenMedia.org/Censorship to send a clear message to world leaders that we will not stand for the closed, censored and policed Internet outlined in the TPP. For the ...

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: High-Priced Cow Pats #nlpoli

The Atlantic Provinces Economic Council thinks the provincial government should do something about its spending, what with declining revenues. Well, you know. Sort of. Maybe.