Montreal Simon: How The Con Media Were Made To Look Like Idiots

Remembrance Day is always a sad day, but it was a particularly gloomy day at the Parliamentary Press Gallery.Yesterday they were squealing like hogs, accusing Justin Trudeau of having sabotaged a trade deal by missing a meeting.And along with the creepy Andrew Schmear all but demanding that Trudeau resign IMMEDIATELY !!!! But sadly for them, ...

The Disaffected Lib: Well That’s Not Very Polite

In the pages of the world press Justin Trudeau has suddenly gone from pretty boy to bad boy. Our prime minister has made waves by purportedly sabotaging the Trans Pacific Partnership talks at the APEC summit. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has sabotaged a pact to salvage a multibillion-dollar, 11-nation Pacific Rim trade deal at ...

LeDaro: Stephen Harper in Indonesia attending APEC meeting.

Interesting dress.

The Disaffected Lib: Is China Ready to Make Its Move? Will Beijing Tear Up the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Most Canadians, and most Americans for that matter, don’t appreciate the lengths the United States has been going to in order to contain China and slow its ascendancy – politically, economically, militarily and technologically. China’s space programme has been targeted by the United States using its ITAR trade regulation to prevent the transfer of American ... The Internet Insider | Say No To Internet Censorship

Hello! Listen up, world leaders! The citizens of the Internet have a few demands. We want to put an end to threats to Internet freedom. Head over to to send a clear message to world leaders that we will not stand for the closed, censored and policed Internet outlined in the TPP. For the ...

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: High-Priced Cow Pats #nlpoli

The Atlantic Provinces Economic Council thinks the provincial government should do something about its spending, what with declining revenues. Well, you know. Sort of. Maybe.