Exploring Economics

Food for thought … [T]he economists’ tragedy: The ambition to create the ultimate model results in a theory of human behaviour which cannot hold unless the humans populating the model operate like inanimate algorithms following slavishly a particular script. The moment you introduce creativity and a capacity to subvert the rules that supposedly govern our ...

On “the Poodles of Power”

by Adam Curtis

The network of global corporate control

“The structure of the control network of transnational corporations affects global market competition and financial stability. So far, only small national samples were studied and there was no appropriate methodology to assess control globally. We present the first investigation of the architecture of the international ownership network, along with the computation of the control held ...

Leftist debate on politics and power

A fascinating exchange of ideas on, amongst other things, the limits of the Occupy movement and the need to explore ways to bring about change of (not in) the system through the exercise of political power. Protests alone are an important start but, according to expert leftists and activists will just not be enough. That ...

Go figure …

Via Pulse Some got it right though … See also here and here [via Media Lens]

Free to be Human

An Interview with David Edwards

Jack Layton, R.I.P.

Sadly, a wish not granted. I don’t always think that one voice can make a difference, but his voice did. It’s up to us now.

Photo of the day

“[T]he most exciting new political dynamic” in the US today – Ralph Nader via AntiWar.com



Quote of the day

“WikiLeaks has broken not just a barrier of secrets but more, pertinently, the barrier of privilege. In one foul swoop we the public have got (only) a mere glimpse into a world where dictators sit down with the representatives of democracy to discuss new wars, heads of state premeditatedly plan to fake ignorance before their ...

Guy Debord’s “Society of the Spectacle”

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