THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: Texas cheerleader Kendall Jones brags about killing endangered African animals

Nineteen year old Texas cheerleader claims killing endangered African animals and bragging about it on Facebook is about conservation, animal rights activists disagree. The post Texas cheerleader Kendall Jones brags about killing endangered African animals appeared first on THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE.

Melissa Fong: PETA is a FOUL excuse for an “animal rights” organization: “Got Autism” Campaign is Disgusting

I have so much disgust for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).  PETA keeps crossing the line.  This is not even “controversial” and it’s not about being “Politically […]

Art Threat: The Ghosts in Our Machine defends the animals on our screen

Over the last decade of programming political documentary for Cinema Politica I can say with confidence that there are two subjects that have always been decidedly divisive and caused the most vociferous backlash from audience members. One of those subjects is the ongoing illegal occupation of Palestine and the other is animal rights. Expecting More ...

Art Threat: The art of roadkill – A conversation with artist Kate Puxley

Kate Puxley is a visual artist whose work has drawn attention to the Harper government’s damaging policies toward art and culture as well as our relationship with animals and the natural environment. Arresting, breathtaking, and inimitable, her drawings, paintings, installations, and most recently her taxidermy sculptures, are provocations and interventions in the social, political and ...

Alberta Diary: Big money speaks quietly to the recalcitrant Calgary Stampede on its 100th anniversary

Cowboys in the aftermath of a bad chuckwagon spill at the 1937 Calgary Stampede. Below: Chuckwagon races as they’re supposed to appear; Stampede Programming VP Paul Rosenberg; Bell Canada logo of yore. Money talks, and what money is saying now, the day before the 100th opening of the Calgary Stampede, is that Canadians are turning ...