Montreal Simon: How Low Will the Cons Go to Smear Justin Trudeau?

Let it not be said that the Cons will stop at anything to try to bring down Justin Trudeau.Or that Trudeau isn't driving the Cons CRAAAAZY.For there was Stephen Harper's former flak Andrew MacDougall yesterday, trying to ruin Justin's Christmas AND his birthday.By comparing him to the sleazy American rapper Flavour Flav.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Con Stories: Another PMO Operative Jumps Ship

They don't dare admit it of course, but there's one thing everyone who has worked in the PMO would say if they could be sure of being accepted into the Witness Protection Program: It's not easy working for Boss Harper.Read more »

Alberta Diary: Chutzpah and corporate ‘self-regulation’ won’t make Canadians trust our oil-transport infrastructure

Rail tanker cars hang precariously over the Bow River in Calgary before their successful removal from a flood-damaged railway bridge last month. (Toronto Star photo.) Below: Humourist Leo Rosten, who usefully defined chutzpah for English speakers in only 26 words. ST. ALBERT Surely the pipeline advocates who accused New Democratic Party Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair ...

Leftist Jab: Canadian Olympic Committee To Start New Campaign Called "Own The Byelection"?

Because Dimitri Soudas has terrible judgment. Backbench Spring MP Brent Rathgeber has quit the Conservative caucus. While the Tories are mired in scandal after scandal, the watering down of Mr. Rathgeber’s transparency bill appears to have been the clincher for the Alberta MP. As he stepped down, reaction from Conservatives has been swift and ridiculous. ... - Alberta politics: Tom Flanagan flogged for child pornography comments.

TweetComments made by conservative election strategist Tom Flanagan about child pornography on Wednesday night have sparked outrage and condemnation of the University of Calgary professor. Speaking at an event hosted by the reputable Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs in Lethbridge, Dr. Flanagan was recorded telling the audience that viewing child pornography shouldn’t be a ...

Alberta Diary: What’s with Laureen Harper’s stock portfolio selloff? Fiscal Götterdämmerung? Or what?

Laureen Harper tuning up her pipes for the fiscal Götterdämmerung? Canadian political spouses may not be exactly as illustrated. Below: The real Mrs. Harper; the unreal Mr. Harper, long rumoured to be in the doghouse. Terribly rude of me to ask, I know. Positively un-Canadian! But what’s with Laureen Harper’s stock portfolio selloff? The Ottawa ...