Mind Bending Politics: Canadian Charges Still In Force in the Amanda Todd Case

Recent media headlines have somewhat suggested that charges against the accused man that cyber-stalked Canadian teen Amanda Todd have been dropped. Most will remember the story of Amanda Todd.  A Canadian teen who was harassed, extorted and bullied by a cyber stalker.  Heart wrenching pleas for help to make the abuse go away were posted ...

OPSEU Diablogue: Guidelines for media reporting of suicide need reconsideration – Picard, Goldbloom

If the audience was expecting a debate, they may have left disappointed. Globe and Mail reporter Andre Picard and Dr. David Goldbloom, Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, spoke about the media’s portrayal of mental health during a Longwood’s … Continue reading →

Montreal Simon: The Con Bullies and the Dead Children

Three days ago hundreds of people gathered to remember Port Coquitlam teen Amanda Todd.She would have been sixteen next week, but she killed herself last October after two years of being bullied and cyber-stalked. It was a beautiful ceremony, both sad and inspiring. Read more »

Song of the Watermelon: The Persistence of Misogyny

It has been fashionable for as long as I can remember for bitter males, along with a few reactionary female allies, to claim that the feminist movement not only succeeded in eliminating the traditional gender power structure, but inverted it. Women, they complain, are now on top, occupying the positions of privilege formerly reserved for ...

Montreal Simon: The War on Bullies and the Harper Cons

Could it be true? Could it really be happening? After all this time. After all those dead kids.Has the death of Amanda Todd ignited a war on bullies? At last.For this looks promising.Eight teenage girls are facing criminal harassment charges stemming from a bullying investigation at a London, Ont. high school.Read more »

THE FIFTH COLUMN: Jian on Bullying for Amanda

Jian’s essay: Amanda Todd, and bullying | Q with Jian Ghomeshi | CBC Radio From the House of Commons Readers are advised not to switch to full youtube view and not to read the comments

Montreal Simon: The Dead Kids and the Con Bullies

I'm glad to see that the sad story of Amanda Todd is getting so much attention all over the world.An outpouring of grief from around the world continued on social media websites Saturday for Amanda Todd, the 15-year-old Port Coquitlam girl who ended her life Wednesday after years of bullying.Even if some of it is ...

Montreal Simon: The Bullies and the War on Girls

When I came home from work this evening, the CN tower was still glowing pink in honour of the first ever International Day of the Girl Child.A day to honour all the girls in the world, and remember all those whose lives are brutalized or diminished by discrimination, and other horrors like child marriage.Approximately 70 ...