daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Anti-Abortion activists stage an “invalid takeover” of Alberta’s Social Credit Party

It has been a long time since Alberta’s Social Credit Party played a central role in mainstream politics in our province. This may be while little attention was paid to the Socred’s annual general meeting in January 2016, where it appears that a group of anti-abortion… Continue Reading →

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Ethical Oil’s Troubled Relaunch Runs Afoul Of Fatboy Slim

Slowly, slowly, after many months of inactivity, tar-sands promoting lobbying thingy EthicalOil.org has been trying to reboot. Amanda Achtman has become their media contact, and they’ve attempted a few (guest) posts  on their website.  Furthermore, last month Amanda put together a  “Social Oil” youtube video, which was announced to some fan-fare.  But then after that one media ...