CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Canada Bill C10 hunger strike update: Ottawa Hydro has cut me off

I feel as though I’ve been wrenched from the light of the world and exiled to the heart of darkness. My friends, I just want to let you all know that we’ll not be able to stay as connected as … Continue reading →

Canadian Progressive World: The Day Stephen Harper Called Canada a Benign Dictatoship

“Canada’s system of one-party-plus rule has stunted democracy.” – Stephen Harper (and Tom Flanagan) Not long ago, Stephen Harper suggested that “although we like to think of ourselves as living in a mature democracy, we …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Canada seeks fix for flaw in gay marriage law

Canadian Progressive World: Conservatives Bill C-30: Upset Canadians #TellVicEverything

This week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Public Safety Minister Vic Toews attacked the Internet with Bill C-30. And Canadians’ right to online privacy and a host of individual freedoms. But Canadians – and the Internet …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: NCC fundraising letter exposes Stephen Harper’s hypocrisy

Way back in 2001, Elections Canada charged a certain Paul Bryan for violating section 329 of the Canada Elections Act. Stephen Harper, then President of the National Citizens Coalition, a conservative lobby group that has …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: China to quiz Stephen Harper on human rights?

  As Prime Minister Stephen Harper leads a high-powered Team Corporate Canada to China, there’s justifiable speculation that the PM will not question China’s appalling human rights record. At least not publicly. Once, powerful western …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: The rebels who snubbed the Queen

The Diamond Jubilee, the extravagant international celebration throughout 2012 marking Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year at the helm of the declining British Empire, is finally here. British medals galore! Officer of the Order of the British …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: An Occupy Ottawa activist laments Harper Conservatives’ budget cuts

The Conservative government’s “austerity” budget cuts, they’re coming. Huge cuts to social programs and services. Cuts so deep they’ll alter the quality of life of thousands of Canadians. Especially through massive job losses in the …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Boston: No War On Iran

On Saturday, February 4, The Action for Peace Working Group of Occupy Boston will co-sponsor a rally and march as part of an international day of action to demand NO WAR ON IRAN. The march, …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Conservative Senator: “Every murderer should have a rope in his cell”

The Conservative government’s universally-condemned omnibus crime Bill C-10has a confirmed YES vote in the Senate. The name behind the vote: tough-on-crime Conservative Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu. Earlier today, Boisvenu said a prisoner “should have the right …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: 30 Renowned Writers Speaking About God

In this 25-minute video, Jonathan Pararajasingham, a London-based neurosurgeon, presents 30 Renowned Writers Speaking About God. The writers offer both a literary homage to rationalism and humanism, and a not-so-generous critique of orthodox religious belief. …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa to protest Crime Bill C-10 on Parliament Hill

Hundreds of activists are expected on Parliament Hill at noon on Tuesday, January 31, to protest the Harper Conservative government’s widely condemned omnibus crime Bill C-10. The protest is being organized by the Political Action …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: VIDEO: Kerry-Ann Taylor makes a compelling case for Peggy Nash

Today, the NDP federal leadership hopefuls battle each other again during the party’s second official all candidates debate in Halifax. In this 30-sec YouTube video pitch, Kerry-Ann Taylor endorses Peggy Nash because “she’s a fighter …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Fight for Internet freedom, ditch GoDaddy now

Have you ditched GoDaddy yet? You should. Now. The sleazeball internet domain registrar endorsed the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act, otherwise known as SOPA, an internet-killing bill currently being debated in the US Congress. Access …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: New study dispels myths about public sector pay

OTTAWA – December 14, 2011: There is no evidence the average pay of public sector workers in Canada is consistently higher than comparable occupations in the private sector, reports a new study released today by the …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Contemplating the future, Occupy Ottawa hints at political role

Occupy Ottawa activist, Andy Wilson, sees a future political role for the movement. During Occupy Ottawa’s November 28 General Assembly, Wilson proposed the creation of a Political Action Committee for the movement. During its December …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa issued eviction notice, vow to resist

Occupy Ottawa is under attack! The National Capital Commission (NCC) served the movement with a notice of eviction from Confederation Park earlier today. The peaceful Occupiers are required to vacate the park by mid night. But they’re …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Six mindboggling things about NCC’s eviction of Occupy Ottawa

With crackdowns against Occupy protesters in New York, Vancouver and other Canadian cities in recent days, we knew this moment of force and madness would come to Canada’s capital. Today, on its 38th day of …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa Protest Day 29 Video

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa: We’re a Family

Who’re these activists driving the global Occupy movement? Without a single coherent message, what exactly do they want? And their agenda? These are just few of the oft-repeated questions about the hundreds of thousands of world citizens currently occupying …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa to Join Air Canada Flight Attendants Rally on Parliament Hill

The General Assembly (GA) of Occupy Ottawa last night resolved to join Air Canada flight attendants’ rally on Parliament Hill at 12:00 noon on Friday, Friday, October 21, 2011. Occupy Ottawa is encouraging all in the movement to come out and “support our fellow travelers in their struggle to be treated fairly by the Canadian government.” Pages: ...

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa to protest Canadian International Council foreign policy event on Canada-US integration

From Occupy Ottawa, unedited: Friends, We’re pleased to inform you that Occupy Ottawa will hold a protest march and rally outside the Sheraton Hotel (O’connor and Albert) on Wednesday October 19th. We will be protesting a foreign policy event on “Canada-US political and economic integration” taking place at the hotel. The event is hosted by ...

Canadian Progressive World: Great Start to Occupy Ottawa Protest

Occupy Ottawa started as a solidarity movement in support the Occupy Wall Street movement. On Sunday, the movement defined itself as truly Canadian. More than 750 Occupy Ottawa protesters marched through Ottawa’s downtown core. The protesters’ sang. Their signs spoke loudly. And the message was clearly that Canadians are concerned about their own economic insecurity. ...

Canadian Progressive World: Ontario Votes 2011: Progressive Conservative Tim Hudak Insults Canadian Immigrants

To Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak, new Canadians are “foreigners”. Lack of political experience? Anti-immigrant prejudice? Both. Earlier this week, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals pledged $12 million in tax credits for businesses that hire skilled new Canadians. The pledge seeks to defray costs these businesses incur in hiring and training Ontario-based new Canadian ...

Canadian Progressive World: Conservatives Robbed Canadians

We was robbed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives during the May 2 Federal election. The truth about the Canadian economy was withheld. Recall, the election eventually revolved around the economy. Other leading economies reeled under the weight of a relentless global recession. The Canadian economy thrived, we were told. Harper said something ...