Montreal Simon: Alex Jones: Donald Trump Is Being Drugged By the Deep State!

Ever since Donald Trump gave Mitch McConnell the cold shoulder and made a deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, Republicans have been in a state of total shock.And to a slightly lesser extent so have the Democrats… But while the Republicans scream betrayal, and wonder what Trump might do next…Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: Part Political Theatre and Part Schoolyard Bully

And probably the saddest thing is that far too many people take this kind of clown seriously: Recommend this Post

Montreal Simon: The Day Donald Trump Fired One Of His Trolls

Donald Trump had an army of trolls working for him during the election, spreading fake stories, and flaming his opponents. So it was quite a shock to see him fire one of them.And no ordinary troll either.  A member of his own transition team.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Alex Jones and the Madness of Donald Trump

Alex Jones is a right-wing radio host, a fanatical Trump supporter, and one of America's most deranged conspiracy theorists.A man so crazy you have to see it to believe it…Read more »

LeDaro: Conan O’Brein Spoof: Piers Morgan interviews Alex Jones on Guns

LeDaro: Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones: Jones Explosive Pro-Gun Tirade

I agree with Piers Morgan on this, Alex Jones’ angry rant is the best advertisement out there for gun control. It is people like Jones who defy common-sense, though unfortunately people like him have a following, which is why there is a lack of common sense in many areas of American policy, including gun control. ...

Politics, Re-Spun: America the Not-So-Beautiful: God Shat His Grace On Thee

Close your eyes, and conjure up a mental image of the stereotype of the Ugly American. Loud. Large. Willfully ignorant of customs and countries that lie beyond the border of the US -of- A. Rabidly proselytizing the gospel of liberty, freedom and patriotism bestowed unto their nation via God and gun. A walking caricature of ...