daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Notley NDP’s latter-day conversion to Keystone XL boosterism

It has been fascinating to watch the Alberta New Democratic Party transition from being skeptical of oil pipelines as opposition to fairly effective advocates for pipelines as government. While the approval of the Trans-Canada Keystone XL Pipeline from Hardisty to… Continue Reading →

Alberta Politics: The Jason Syndrome: Conservative candidate melts down about Hollywood star turn in bid to derail NDP strategy that’s working

PHOTOS: Conservative carbon-tax foe Jason Kenney in a screen shot taken from his recent Facebook video. Actual best experiences may not result as promised from turning on the sound. Below: Hollywood actress Jane Fonda aboard a helicopter somewhere over Fort McMurray. Just what is the pilot pointing at? Below her: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Alberta ...

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Postmedia columnists and Fraser Institute team up to attack the Alberta’s climate change plan

The full court press against the Alberta government’s Climate Leadership Plan continued today as Postmedia business columnists Gary Lamphier and Claudia Cattaneo dutifully and uncritically weighed in on the latest report from the right-wing Fraser Institute. The report, which claims the emissions cap included in Alberta government’s climate… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Outrage over Oil Sands appointment is a Tzeporah in a teapot

What do you get when you put some of the Canadian Oil Sands fiercest critics in the same room with its most vocal supporters? The Alberta Government’s new 18-member Oil Sands Advisory Group. The Alberta government announced the formation of… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Oil Sands workers call for training in Renewable Energy

A group of oil sands workers are calling on the Alberta government to support the training of 1,000 out of work electricians as solar specialists. With plans to facilitate the registration of those 1,000 training candidates, the Iron & Earth company is proposing the installation of solar panels… Continue Reading →

Cowichan Conversations: Perhaps A Beer Pipeline Would Meet With Public Approval

Blaise Salmon By Blaise Salmon While historically B.C.’s economy was resource-based, by 2012, only three per cent of B.C.’s GDP came from oil, gas and related services, according to the B.C. Economic Accounts. Many other sectors of the economy — finance, construction, tourism, high tech and even green jobs — are now more important. By ...

Paul S. Graham: Video: Coalition challenges NEB to consider the climate impacts of the proposed Energy East Pipeline

Map of Proposed Energy East Pipeline route. Source: National Energy Board Energy East Pipelines, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of TransCanada Oil Pipelines (Canada), has applied to build the Energy East Pipeline, a project that will use aging natural gas pipelines along most of its route to move explosive, toxic diluted bitumen from the Alberta ...

350 or bust: Indians And Cowboys Join Together To Reject & Protect

On April 22, an alliance of pipeline fighters — ranchers, farmers, tribal communities, and their friends — called the Cowboy and Indian Alliance rode into Washington DC and set up camp on the National Mall. For 5 days, they will hold ceremonies and demonstration to remind him of the threat this tar sands pipeline poses ...

Paul S. Graham: Thank you, Neil Young, for telling the truth

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350 or bust: Saturday At The Movies

I’m in Fort McMurray Alberta, the heart of tar sands country, to participate in the Healing Walk organized by the Keepers of the Athabasca. Keepers of the Athabasca is a collection of First Nations, Metis, Inuit, environmental groups, and watershed citizens working together for the protection of water, land and air, and thus for all ...

350 or bust: First Nations & Tar Sands: “Our Backs Are To The Wall”

From the Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance: * More links: Indigenous Environmental Network Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance NoKXL Tar Sands Action

350 or bust: No More “Nice Guy”: Canada’s Democracy & Reputation Tarred

It turns out Canada’s reputation is getting as toxic as the Alberta tar sands tailings ponds: * Some more facts: Canadian federal taxpayers subsidize the oil industry $1.38 billion a year. And that’s not counting your Province’s subsidies to the oil industry. The International Energy Agency says up to two thirds of known fossil reserves ...

Alberta Diary: Advice for Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau: Hammer Stephen Harper on the economy

The neoliberal Harper economy at work: a Toronto street scene, last week. Below: Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper and Margaret Thatcher. Here’s some free advice for a couple of would-be Canadian prime ministers who are both in the news these days, the NDP’s Tom Mulcair and the Liberals’ Justin Trudeau: Hammer Prime Minister Stephen ...

350 or bust: Not The Old Canada: A New Tourist Souvenir Reflects Nation’s New Reality

Here’s Dan Murphy ‘s suggestion for a new “tar-sational” souvenir for tourists visiting our beautiful , along with Big Oil corporate donation opportunities:

DeSmogBlog: Romney’s "Oil Above All" Energy Plan Short on Variety, and on Energy

OilAboveAll-400×245.jpg Last Thursday, Mitt Romney presented his “oil above all” energy plan, in which he promised “North American energy independence” by 2020. Far from comprehensive, the plan echoes the familiar “Drill, Baby, Drill” mantra from the 2008 presidential campaign, and offers no energy strategy beyond increasing domestic production of oil and gas, and increased access ...

DeSmogBlog: Scientists Storm Ottawa After Harper Government Cuts Environmental Protections and Research Again

stephen-harper-environment-cuts.jpeg Canadian scientists are taking to the streets in protest of the Harper government's latest cuts to scientific research and its increasingly backward environmental policies. read more

DeSmogBlog: Oil Sands Fact Check: New API Front Group

shutterstock_48011344.jpg How do you sell a rotten bag of goods? Rule number one of effective propaganda: repackage it into something seemingly less grotesque. In that spirit, the Houston Chronicle recently reported the American Petroleum Institute (API) has created yet another front group, this one to promote tar sands crude, one of the dirtiest sources of fuel in the world, as a safe and secure energy resource. It's ...

DeSmogBlog: Enbridge Lobbyists Successfully Eliminated Fish Habitat Protections For Pipeline

Enbridge-Greenpeace.jpg Changes to the Fisheries Act limiting the protection of fish habitat did not, as it turns out, arise simply out of a series of complaints by disgruntled farmers hoping to fill in small patches of wetlands or municipalities seeking to repair bridges, as claimed by Minister Keith Ashfield. Briefing notes obtained by the Access to ...

DeSmogBlog: I Love You Huffpo but What’s Going On?

I have been writing on environmental issues on the popular news blog Huffington Post going on five years now but I am not sure if I will continue. read more

350 or bust: Alberta Oil Sands Fly-Over: We Can Do Better

We can do better. Let’s honour past, present and future generations. It’s time for cleaner options for energy production. Singer-songwriter Jennifer Berezan, eco-philosopher Joanna Macy and Catholic activist Anne Symens-Bucher flew over the Alberta’s oil/tar sands. In response to the experience, Jennifer, singer songwriter native to Alberta, wrote “My Memory Forever”, expressing her deep concern ...

350 or bust: Grassroots Democracy Initiative Organized in Face of Federal Government’s Love Affair With Dirty Energy

The following is a re-post from Anthony Marr’s HomosapiensSaveYourEarth blog. Mr. Marr has a degree in physics and is a long-time advocate for living more sustainably and gently on our earth. In 1996, he led “the highest-profile anti-trophy-hunting campaign in Canada” (Globe and Mail), and went on to found Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) and ...

DeSmogBlog: Investors: No More Flaring of Fracked Oil and Gas in Bakken Shale

exxon-gas-flaring-photo01.jpg The debate over flaring unconventional oil and gas in shale basins across the United States has suddenly heated up immensely (excuse the bad pun).  On March 27, the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economy (CERES) penned a letter calling for an end to the practice, writing, We are a group of 37 investors, representing $500 billion in ...

DeSmogBlog: Obama Sojourns to "Pipeline Crossroads of the World" for Campaign Speech

Cushing .jpg It's the multi-pronged fight that never seems to end. The Alberta Tar Sands have been near the forefront of the North American energy and climate debate, thanks in large part to growing public concern and grassroots efforts like Tar Sands Action, a campaign led by climate activists to block construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The temporary derailing ...

Canadian Progressive World: China to quiz Stephen Harper on human rights?

  As Prime Minister Stephen Harper leads a high-powered Team Corporate Canada to China, there’s justifiable speculation that the PM will not question China’s appalling human rights record. At least not publicly. Once, powerful western …Read More

Occupy Ottawa: China to quiz Stephen Harper on human rights?

As Prime Minister Stephen Harper leads a high-powered Team Corporate Canada to China, there’s justifiable speculation that the PM will not question China’s appalling human rights record. At least not publicly. Once, powerful western democracies …Read More