Canada II: Harper vs First Nations

The following article, in a nutshell, provides the basis for all of Harper’s actions with regards to First Nations. He does not believe they should be able to stand in the way of so-called "progress" for Canada.  He also believes, being of the religious right, that the Earth is for us to plunder at will.

Cabinet Mulls Massive Chinese Project

We’ve seen comments from him in the past pointing in

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Canada II: Harper’s Agenda and Playbook

Well, I wish I had of been wrong, but it all adds up so far. I’m sure more will show up, in terms of graft, when cracks finally show up in Harper’s government.

First, do yourself a favor and read Federal Documents Spark Outcry by Oil Sands Critics.

In the document, environmental organizations and aboriginal groups are shown as "adversaries." Industry associations, energy companies and the

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