Barking Technology: Bell still claims to have a right to charge customers for a non-existent service

Bell is continuing to fight to charge customers for a 911 service that did not exist… Article by William Neilson for Barking Technology The Toronto Sun has a rather shocking story of Bell Canada’s continued fight to assert that they were legally allowed to charge customers a monthly fee for a 911 service that did not exist. Dating back ...

Cowichan Conversations: Thomas Mulcair makes his case for boosting corporate tax rate

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger The move to take Canada back includes taxing the wealthy elements of our society. Public infrastructure Social programs, Education, Child Care programs have all hit a brick wall with the Read more… Cellphone Freedom Day! On June 3 you’ll be able to end your 3-year-contract for free

Starting June 3, three year contracts which have run or 24 months or more can be cancelled without any penalties. Together, we helped make this code of conduct happen by developing our crowdsourced action plan for the future of our wireless market. read more

The Scott Ross: The US Supreme Court & The Health of America

Though it is unclear whether Obamacare will improve the health of Americans, the recent US Supreme Court ruling will at least improve the health of American institutions. America is a sick country, not only because of the millions of people uninsured and vulnerable to the cost of already one of the most expensive health care ...