Melissa Fong: RIP Bud Osborn

  RIP Bud Osborn— Melissa Fong (@internationalmf) May 07, 2014   raise shit – a downtown eastside poem of resistance “the myth of the frontier is an invention that rationalizes […]

ParliamANT Hill: David SuzukiAnt among CanadiAnts in U.S. to lobby against Antstone XL pipeline

Inspired by this headline:

The Canadian Progressive: Canadian activist says Harper is wrong about Iran, gets CSIS visit

By Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 22, 2013: In January, 2012, outspoken labour and anti-racism activist, Ken Stone argued that “Harper is Wrong in Demonizing Iran” in an editorial piece published by the Hamilton Spectator. On January 15, 2013, two Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agents showed up on his door and questioned him about the piece ...

Paul S. Graham: My Stop Harper Video Collection

There is no shortage of Stop Harper videos on YouTube. A recent YouTube search yielded 3,740 hits, and I’m sure one could find more with a more refined search. Ever since Brigette DePape interrupted the Speech from the Throne with her iconic stop sign, activists have been inspired to amplify the message in on placards, ...

The Wheatsheaf: See, we are not the only environmental pariahs

Seattle – November 30, 1999. What a time to remember. Thousands of activists taking it to the streets. Anarchists in turtle uniforms. That great symbol of American decadence – Starbucks – with its smashed windows. All in the fight against closed door meeting deciding our economic futures. Apparently certain groups did not like the idea ...