Eclectic Lip: Back from Happy Hawaii

Synchronized phoning, coming soon to a summer Olympics near you… Trivia note: Swedish supergroup Abba’s “Why did it have to be me” was originally titled (and lyricized) as “Happy Hawaii”. But those of you who also secretly bought the 4-CD ABBA box set without admitting it to your friends, already knew that! 🙂 We recently ...

Cowichan Conversations: Take A Chance on Me – SPCA & ABBA

S P C A Cowichan & District (Duncan) Google+ page 7550 Bell McKinnon Rd Duncan, BC (250) 746-4646

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Choral Interlude – O Fortuna

Who says you cannot have fun with classical choral repertoire? Singers: Anita Rywalska, Renata Drozd, Marcin Pomykała, Kamil Pękala tackle Orff, Mercury and ABBA.  :> Filed under: Music Tagged: ABBA, Mercury, O Fortuna, Orff, The DWR Friday Musical Interlude