Things Are Good: Birds Provide Japanese Train Design

Yesterday a Japanese train company apologized for running 20 seconds ahead of schedule. How did Japanese trains get so fast? The answer for how their famous bullet trains move so quickly is thanks in part to biomimicry, the study of using animals as a source for design. The front of the bullet train was inspired ...

Things Are Good: It’s Not the 99%, Class is About the Top 80%

Since the Occupy movement in 2011 there has been conversations about the 99% versus the 1% of wealth holders. The idea then was to show the massive inequality between those in the top 1% of society and everybody else – sadly that inequality has only grown. The rich get richer and everybody else gets left ...

The Canadian Progressive: Occupy Movement Gets Its Own TV Station

The Occupy movement has partnered with FilmOn Networks to create a free 24/7 Online “TV for the 99” television outlet for news, evidence, and commentary. The post Occupy Movement Gets Its Own TV Station appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Boston: No War On Iran

On Saturday, February 4, The Action for Peace Working Group of Occupy Boston will co-sponsor a rally and march as part of an international day of action to demand NO WAR ON IRAN. The march, …Read More

350 or bust: Deck The Jails With Wall Street Bankers: The 99% Choir Goes Christmas Caroling

This youtube gem came my way via, and I knew I had to share it. Here’s the 99% Choir, made up of members from The Backbone Campaign, Washington Community Action Network, Seattle Labor Chorus, and The Other 98%, singing their renditions of some familiar Christmas tunes in front of the Bank of America in ...

350 or bust: There’s Something Happening In the Air

Need some inspiration?  Check out this video: A powerful group of images of the brave people throughout our lifetime (and before) who took the front lines to sow the seeds of social change with peaceful demonstrations and were forcefully dealt with by the preservers of the status quo.

350 or bust: We Are The Many

Occupy yourself with this powerful video by Makana, a popular Hawaiian recording artist. At the APEC summit in Hawaii this past weekend Makana made a bold and courageous statement.  He was enlisted to play a luau on Saturday night for leaders gathered in Obama’s birthplace, Honolulu, for the annual summit (the APEC countries are currently ...

350 or bust: Remembering the Montgomery Bus Boycott During Occupy Times

It was fifty five years ago today the Supreme Court of the United States of America upheld the decision of the Federal District Court for the Middle District of Alabama “that Alabama’s racial segregation laws for buses were unconstitutional.”  It was only just the beginning of the civil rights movement.  Only the beginning.  So “keep ...

350 or bust: The Occupy Movement Goes Global

Yesterday the Occupy Wall Street movement, sparked by a call from the Vancouver-based Ad Busters magazine, started sparking occupations in Canada. From  five thousand people  in Vancouver, to three hundred in Halifax, and dozens of other “occupations” in between, Canadians expressed their disatisfaction with the status quo. I was able to participate in some of ...

April Reign: Occupy Wall Street Commercial

April Reign Reposting in the tradition of the people’s mic h/t LeDaro April Reign – In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.