BigCityLib Strikes Back: Another BCLSB Exclusive: Story Refuted! John Tory Did NOT Take Weekend Off To Attend Masters Golf Tourney!

@Bigcitylib2 thanks. Good to see you as well. @JOHNTORYTO was canvassing in #Etobicoke today #topoli #tocouncil #Toronto— Nick Kouvalis (@NickKouvalis) April 12, 2014 I’d heard this from sources I deemed reliable.  Now I feel cheapened and betrayed.

The Scott Ross: Rights And Religion Make Us All Fundamentalists

“How dare Islamic fundamentalists kill to protect their religion from such a small and meaningless movie. And though I oppose the hate-filled and misguided film, I would die fighting to protect the studio’s right to release it.” – The irony of fundamentalism. The recent violence in the Middle East over the release of an anti-Islam ...