daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: How Young Voters are accessing information about elections, from the National Youth Voter Survey

“Young people don’t vote,” is a common refrain heard in Canadian politics and until recently, low voter turnout by younger voters supported that claim. The recently released National Youth Voter Survey conducted by Elections Canada following the 2015 federal elections suggests that… Continue Reading →

The Canadian Progressive: Duffy testimony should spark new investigation into 2011 election fraud

The Council of Canadians calls for the re-opening of the investigation into the election fraud of 2011 in the wake of Mike Duffy’s recent testimony. The former Conservative senator testified under oath that a “black ops group at Conservative headquarters” ran a misleading robocalls campaign. The post Duffy testimony should spark new investigation into 2011 ...

Politics and its Discontents: "What Happened? You Used To Be The Good Ones!"

Ad Busters has created a powerful anti-Haprer commercial that deserves to be shared far and wide. For generations, we Canadians were seen as peacekeepers, as mediators and as the inspired environmental stewards of a vast country — for much of the 20th century we were a force for good in this world. We wore the ...

The Canadian Progressive: Jack Layton would be proud of Canadians’ growing hunger for change

Canadians’ ever-increasing hunger for changer from the dictatorial Stephen Harper regime would make the late NDP leader Jack Layton proud. The post Jack Layton would be proud of Canadians’ growing hunger for change appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Politics and its Discontents: Putting A Stake Through The Heart Of Harper’s Lies

As a youngster, there were few things I enjoyed more than vampire films starring Christopher Lee, in my view the best cinematic vampire there ever was. Usually, at the end, either a stake through the heart or exposure to the rays of the sun ended his evil hold on people. It was a satisfying form ...

Politics and its Discontents: Things Should Really Start To Get Interesting Now

As just reported by the CBC, the RCMP has decided to lay charges against disgraced Senator Mike Duffy. Let’s hope the ‘fat lady’ sings loudly: Recommend this Post

LeDaro: Stephen Harper’s Victory song

He sings after he won majority in 2011. Enjoy!

The Canadian Progressive: Robocalls: Elections Canada on “Preventing Deceptive Communications”

Elections Canada’s “Preventing Deceptive Communications with Electors” report, a response to the robocalls election fraud of 2011, recommends legislation that provides basic privacy protections to voters while stopping political parties from engaging in deceptive communications. The post Robocalls: Elections Canada on “Preventing Deceptive Communications” appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

The Canadian Progressive: Robocalls: Federal Court finds fraud, Supreme Court appeal considered

By: Council of Canadians | Press Release: The Federal Court has released its decision in the robocalls case. The decision vindicates the applicants’ concerns, as the judge concludes that “fraud occurred in the 2011 Federal Election” though he did not annul the results. This finding about fraud being widespread raises the gravest concerns about the 2011 ...

The Canadian Progressive: Canadians Take Robocalls to Court – Day 1

by Maude Barlow | Council of Canadians: Under the sheen of freezing rain that blanketed the Supreme Court of Canada, the historic legal cases of eight Canadians against voter suppression and fraud in the 2011 federal election finally got underway. Day one of what is expected to be a full week of legal proceedings focused ...

The Adventures of Diva Rachel: Buh-bye Mark Carney, So Long Ethnic-Friendly Promises -OR- Proof Carney Behaves Like a Liberal

Yesterday, it was announced that Bank of Canada boss Mark Carney was leaving his position at the head of Canada’s central bank for a position across the pond. This came after much speculation as to whether Carney would ascend to the political arena. There was some fodder as to which party the banker would join ...

Canadian ProgressiveCanadian Progressive: Maude Barlow: Conservatives rejected again… next stop Federal Court!

by Maude Barlow | Council of Canadians The Federal Court rejected the Conservative Party MPs’ motions on security for costs against the ongoing legal challenges in the robocall scandal. You’ll remember the Conservative Party MPs called for the nine individual applicants to put up a total of $260,409 as a security deposit – an outrageous ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Harper Conservatives Lose Robocalls Fraud Court Challenge

The Federal Court has nuked the Conservatives effort to stop the courts from hearing a legal challenge to some of the results of the 2011 federal election. With the support of The Council of Canadians, individuals in seven of the more than 40 affected ridings legally challenged the results under the Canada Elections Act. In ...

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Elections Canada Out To Sabotage Etobicoke Centre By-election

There’s no better way to characterize the agency’s role in the high-stakes Etobicoke Centre by-election appeal heard by the Supreme Court of Canada earlier this week.  The “independent” and “non-partisan” agency responsible for conducting federal elections and referendums in Canada is unequivocally siding with Ted Opitz, the Conservative MP who filed the appeal. Opitz is ...

Calgary Grit: Happy Anniversary!

One year ago today, Stephen Harper turned an “unwanted election” into his first majority government, Jack Layton and the NDP soared to never before seen heights, and Liberals spent the evening curled up in a fetal position sobbing in the corner. On political anniversaries, it’s tempting to give each party a thumbs up or thumbs ...

Politics and its Discontents: Vaughan M.P. Has Some Splainin’ to Do.

My my my. It looks like Mr. Law-and-Order, the dour and humourless M.P. Julian Fantino, may not have been playing by the rules in the last election. Recommend this Post

Canadian Progressive World: Activist Communiqué: Robo-call rallies around Canada

In a new Ipsos Reid poll on the robo-calls scandal, conducted for Postmedia News and Global TV, Canadians are uncompromising about the way forward. A whopping 68% want new by-elections in all affected ridings. Elections …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Activist Communique: Ottawa Rally Against Robo-calls Electoral Fraud

Hundreds of people, including members of parliament, rights activists and average citizens, are expected on Parliament Hill at noon tomorrow to protest the unfolding Robo-calls election scandal. Renowned activist Brigette Depape (pictured) and MPs Pat …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Robo-Gate: Harper Conservatives stole the 2011 election from the NDP

The New Democratic Party (NDP) suggested in a press conference today that the Conservatives rigged the May 2011 federal election against the Bloc Quebecois, NDP and Liberals. Call it election rigging western style. Apparently, RackNine …Read More


On May 24, 2005, a by-election was held in the federal riding of Labrador, after the unfortunate passing of MP Lawrence O’Brien. One interesting thing about that by-election is this little graphic found on the Elections Canada website: It is particularly interesting in light of this excerpt from a recent CBC story describing the expenses ...

Politics and its Discontents: Maude Barlow on the Election

While I have been having a bit of a difficult time recovering from the double blows of the Harper majority and the apparent apathy of 40% of my fellow Canadians in their failure to vote in last Monday’s election, I took some comfort in reading Maude Barlow’s thoughts in a piece posted on rabble.ca. Check ...

Politics and its Discontents: Rick Salutin on the NDP Surge

Always an original thinker, Rick Salutin offers a very interesting explanation for the record number of NDP candidates elected last Monday. Recommend this Post

The Adventures of Diva Rachel: Iggy says teaching gig = end of political life

Ignatieff says U of T teaching position to mark ‘end of my life as a politician’. http://m.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/ignatieff-says-u-of-t-teaching-position-to-mark-end-of-my-life-as-a-politician/article2011390/?service=mobile He *still* doesn’t get it? The voters marked the end of your political life, not U of T! The adventures of a Franco Ontarian Viz Min Woman in Ottawa.

Politics and its Discontents: Some Eloquent Refections From A Defeated M.P.

My son sent me this link that, I think, speaks to the sentiments of those deeply disillusioned over the outcome of the election and the shoddy tactics that helped the Conservatives to achieve that outcome. Recommend this Post

Confessions of a Liberal Mind: Rock Bottom

So last election was supposed to be rock bottom for the Liberals, but we have a brand new low this time around. This craziness goes back to 2006 and that ill fated leadership race in Montreal. Anyways, the Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t been in the playoffs since the Conservatives have been in power. I hope ...