Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: The Sad Life of John Beattie

We don’t intend this to be a long post, but we did see it as somewhat telling of the state of the, "White Nationalist" movement over the long term.

On this blog, we have written about John Beattie who in the 1960s came to minor prominence as the leader of the Canadian Nazi Movement. He fell in and out of the media through the 70s, only to re-appear in 1989 when he hosted a celebration for fell…

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Mary Wagner Let Off the Hook

The charges against Mary Wagner, the Canadian candidate for pro-life martyrdom, have been dropped: Wagner recently stood trial on charges of trespassing and mischief. But after noting irregularities between Mary’s summons, the charge, and the testimo…

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Paul S. Graham: Video: Canadian Labour in Crisis

On May 5, 2011, David Camfield launched his new book, Canadian Labour in Crisis – Reinventing the Workers`Movement, at the Mondragon Bookstore and Coffee House in Winnipeg, Canada. David Camfield is an associate professor in labour studies at the University of Manitoba. More information about David’s book: Filed under: Talkin’ Union Tagged: canadian labour […]

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So. Um.

I’ve been meaning to get the blog up and running again, following that debacle of a dissertation defense. (If you must know, I’ll go into it, but I’d rather not.) Looking for something to talk about, though, and have yet to find it.

I’ll spend this we…

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