Carbon49 - a blog on sustainability for Canadian businesses: Smart KPIs for Sustainability

In any corporate sustainability project, whether it is reducing greenhouse gas emissions, paper use, or supply chain waste, choosing the right key performance indicators is a critical ingredient to success. At the conference on Environmental, Social and Governance Issues hosted by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, Cathy Cobey from Ernst & Young talked about how to choose smarter KPIs.

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Straight Outta Edmonton: Premier Stelmach Places Conditions on Fort Chip Visit

Premier Ed Stelmach has delayed his visit to Fort Chipewyan.

Before traveling to the hamlet and listening to the health concerns of residents, the Premier is now requiring the community’s leadership to sign on to the parameters of a baseline health study. However, the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation — the second largest First Nations’ community in Fort Chipewyan — has refused to sign on, arguing that what the province has proposed is inadequate and does not address the concerns of residents.

For years, Premier Stelmach refused to acknowledge Fort Chipewyan’s health concerns or travel to the community. Initially, the Premier claimed health concerns were entirely unfounded, concocted by ‘silk-suited’ environmentalists and the media. However, after health and pollution studies seemed to confirm the concerns of residents — as well as a visit by Hollywood film director James Cameron — the Premier backtracked from his initial position.

Instead, the Premier claimed that he took the community’s concerns seriously and had in fact actually visited Fort Chipewyan. When these claims were scrutinized, Stelmach once again backtracked stating that he had never actually been to Fort Chipewyan, but had traveled to Northern Alberta. After questions began to emerge over the Premier’s priorities, Stelmach vowed to travel to Fort Chipewyan, meet with residents directly, and demonstrate his commitment towards addressing the community’s concerns.

Now, that commitment is once again being questioned as the Premier has placed conditions on his visit, requiring Fort Chipewyan’s leadership to endorse a study many find inadequate. Whether this is an attempt to prevent what will surely be a high profile event or a public relations management strategy, Premier Stelmach’s decision to delay his visit does not demonstrate a genuine commitment to address the community’s concerns.

At this point, there’s likely little that will.

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Herbinator: Margarine, healthy yet again.

Holly shit! Margarine (aka shortening and hydrogenated oil) is a health food again. Two little babies, lying in bedOne was sick and the other ‘most deadSent for the doctor and the doctor said“Give those children some shortnin’ bread.” Mammy’s little baby loves short’nin’, short’nin’,Mammy’s little baby loves shortenin’ bread. Probably

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new song: Wanna Bee

note: I’ve started a new blog for metaphysics… this is still my place for songs, poems and whatever. Wanna Bee I was named for the actress of the day I was always an extra in the play I thought I was dreamin,’ inside I was screamin’ And all around me, I heard people say Hey […]

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