Mike Powell Fanclub: Radio Topics, January 15th

Well, it’s certainly winter. Beat the cold by listening to the Tuesday Morning Special Blend on CKCU. At 8:05, we’ll speak with Eric Darwin of the Dalhousie Community Association to talk about the proposed SOHO Italia development. At 8:30, we’ll chat with Adam Caldwell of the South March Highland’s about his group’s efforts to preserve […]

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Harper Valley: Iggy on the Fun Bus

While federal liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff rides the campaign bus around the country, the Conservatives have launched a series of Anti-Iggy tv ads.  The thing is, they’re funny!!! But it shouldn’t ruffle Iggy’s feathers, as his oft seen appearances on CBC’s “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” place him in self depracating comedic roles….you gotta hand […]

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Prime Minister marks five years in office

Prime Minister Cowboy Steve marks five years in power as Canada’s big cheese, eclipsing the tenures of long-serving Conservative heavyweights Joe Clark and Kim Campbell. Party faithful gathered to celebrate the occasion, and invited guests joined in the festivities.

 Cowboy Steve was presented with a joke cake by newbie MP 
Julian Fantino. The boss warned “I know where you live, Kojak”

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Bill Given: Snow Removal Update

City crews, bolstered by additional contracted forces, made good headway on local roads over the weekend. I noticed the crews made some major progress in the north end of the Ivy Lake area, 101 Street in Swanavon was done and they should be mostly through the Countryside neighbourhood. The staff

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Made in China

Source Lately I have bought a few items for the home and for myself, including a couple of cheap antique furniture, gloves & scarves on sale, and a pair of winter boots on sale as well. In reading on repair and maintenance of antiques, I learnt about the demise of the furniture manufacturing industry in […]

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Amnesty International concerned about Bradley Manning

Amnesty International has taken up the case of Bradley Manning. In an open letter addressed to Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, the organization expresses its concern regarding the treatment of Manning: The harsh conditions imposed on PFC Manning also undermine the principle of the presumption of innocence, which should be taken into account in […]

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