Monitoring North America

In a way, it is with relief that I find I am not one of the "tinfoil hat" paranoid/conspiracy theorist crowd, yet at the same time feel dismay at being proven right yet again.

Pertaining to what, you ask?

Why, that Big Brother has not only arrived, but that he has been here for quite a while at that.

Case in point, today’s expansive article in the Washington Post by Dana Priest and William M…

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Charles McVety, champion of censorship, free speech martyr (huh?)

Shorter Charles McVety:  “WAAAHHHHHHH!”: An evangelical minister says his television show’s content will now be “pre-screened and censored” after his remarks about homosexuals drew complaints that were investigated by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.  […] The Word TV statement released Wednesday also criticized the CBSC’s “heavy hand of censorship” and the way it investigates complaints […]

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