Trashy's World: Betty Fox

I’m very sad to say that Terry Fox’s Mom, Betty, has died.
Terry was a Canadian hero and so was his Mom.
She kept the fight against cancer very much alive and up front. The number of lives saved through her fund-raising efforts is incalculable.
Thanks to the whole family. You inspired many.
Mourners can share their thoughts and […]

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Blunt Objects: The Greedy PMO

This article by itself shows why this Conservative government should have little standing among the Canadian public interested in cutting expenses:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s own department has repeatedly broken the government’s tough rules for…

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Socialism and the new NDP

As NDP delegates gather in Vancouver, many having flown in by Westjet, compromise is in the air. Fifty years after its founding, the party finds itself the Official Opposition. So closely does this bind the NDP to mainstream politics-as-usual that…

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