Bouquets of Gray: Estimating crowd sizes

There has been rather different estimates of how many people are in this picture: The CBC report that the police estimated this crowd at 5000 (here); Lifesite claimed 15,000 (here), and the National Post, 20,000 (here). Crowd estimation isn’t too difficult a business. The basic procedure is to multiply the

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GC has been a vegan for two days now. I was only a vegan for a few hours, then I downgraded to vegetarian because I needed dairy products in my coffee. We’ve been wondering about vegan/vegetarian menu planning. Like…what do you eat? So far we’ve been eating oatmeal and salads and pumpernickel toast and fruit […]

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Peace, order and good government, eh?: Apparently we need to hold the Arar inquiry all over again

Because we didn’t learn anything from it the first time around. Canadians secretly added to U.S. security list: WikiLeaks The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Canada’s principal intelligence agency, routinely transmits to U.S. authorities the names and personal details of Canadian citizens who are suspected of, but not charged with, what the agency refers to as "terrorist-related activity." The criteria used to turn over the names are secret, as is the process itself. Our "principal intelligence agency" doesn’t work for us; it works for American intelligence agencies. In at least some cases, the people in the cables appear to have been named as potential terrorists solely based on their associations with other suspects, rather than any actions or hard evidence. Of the 41 people named, 21 do not appear to have ever been charged, and some had never come to the attention of the Americans before being named by their own government. This isn’t old news; it’s based on leaked cables from WikiLeaks that cover a period from 2009 to 2010. And while the United States may be our ally, it’s also the same country that has been running show trials posing as military tribunals, legalizing indefinite detention without due process,…

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Half an Hour: AWOSS-2011-2

Third Atlantic Workshop on Semantics and Services – blog summary – part 2.
A Semantic Web based Framework for Modeling and Simulating Clinical PathwaysAli Daniyal
The problem is the analysis and execution of clinical pathways for decision suppo…

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