Prime Minister marks five years in office

Prime Minister Cowboy Steve marks five years in power as Canada’s big cheese, eclipsing the tenures of long-serving Conservative heavyweights Joe Clark and Kim Campbell. Party faithful gathered to celebrate the occasion, and invited guests joined in the festivities.

 Cowboy Steve was presented with a joke cake by newbie MP 
Julian Fantino. The boss warned “I know where you live, Kojak”

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Made in China

Source Lately I have bought a few items for the home and for myself, including a couple of cheap antique furniture, gloves & scarves on sale, and a pair of winter boots on sale as well. In reading on repair and maintenance of antiques, I learnt about the demise of the furniture manufacturing industry in […]

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Amnesty International concerned about Bradley Manning

Amnesty International has taken up the case of Bradley Manning. In an open letter addressed to Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, the organization expresses its concern regarding the treatment of Manning: The harsh conditions imposed on PFC Manning also undermine the principle of the presumption of innocence, which should be taken into account in […]

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Straight Outta Edmonton: Deliberation on Campus Sustainability (DoCS)

Want to join student leaders from across the campus in an innovative project that will help create sustainability policy at the University of Alberta?

If so, you are invited to contribute to sustainability planning at the University of Alberta. Deliberation on Campus Sustainability (DoCS) is a project that brings together University of Alberta students, regardless of background and experience, to participate in discussions that will help inform sustainability policy on campus and inspire community engagement across all campuses. All you have to do is show up and share your views.

Attend Phase 1 of deliberations on one of the following sessions:

  • Monday January 24th: 11:00 am- 2:30pm Lister Hall, Wild Rose Room
  • Tuesday January 25th: 2:30pm-6:00pm Lister Hall, Wild Rose Room
  • Wednesday January 26: 5:00-8:30pm Lister Hall, Wild Rose Room

Please email Lisa Dockman ( which session you would like to attend.

No matter how knowledgeable or experienced you are in campus sustainability, your opinion is vital to this process and your involvement is important service for the University community. Please join us for a hearty meal and a meaningful conversation about what key issues exist on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is DoCS?

DoCS is a collaborative project that is working to integrate students, staff and faculty into the University’s sustainability strategy in the most democratic way possible. DoCS is a process that involves a series of conversations or dialogues, made up of a diverse group of the campus community, focused on how we can create and contribute to a more sustainable campus. Emerging from a desire to see positive progression towards environmental, social and economic responsibility, our team is determined to design and implement a process where a series of dialogues affects change and is experienced by the participants as meaningful.

How will my input be used?

All contributions to the DoCS process will inform the end products which include a Campus Sustainability Plan and a toolkit to encourage the use of deliberative decision making processes on campus. All participants will have the opportunity to witness the outcomes and products of their effort.

What is the time commitment DoCS requires?

By signing up today you are committing to attend one 3.5 hour deliberation, and in March you will be invited to attend a similar follow up conversation.

If I am unable to attend this session, how can I learn more?

Please attend our DoCS session during International Week, it will be on Monday January 31st at 4pm in Education South 129.

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The Deficit Kings

When I read Brian Mulroney giving Harper advice to “do something big,” I laughed.

First I thought perhaps Mulroney meant taking in a $300,000 bribe, lying about it, and then successfully suing the Federal government for over $2 million due to allegat…

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ALTAVISTAGOOGLE: Simpsons Fan Victim of Aussie Flood

At first, I didn’t care too much about the Aussies loosing their homes and cars after a river crested (what part of flood plain don’t you understand), but this lady, with the giant head of Bart Simpson on her wall, really brings it home. Australians are people too. 1:49 on this video.  This video of cars streaming down the river is also worth a look, but the lack of The Simpsons memo…

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ALTAVISTAGOOGLE: The Impact of Cookies on Google AdSense

A while back, Google AdSense migrated from purely contextual advertising to historical advertising. I didn’t notice until I visited the Economist web site, once. Since then, it feels like 50% of the web is trying to get me to subscribe! The difference is clearly illustrated on the screen capture. On the left, page visited using Google Chrome, my regular browser on my home computer. On the r…

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