Paul S. Graham: Our democracy is broken

In his new job as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Jack Layton has pledged to “fix Ottawa.” I’ve taken this to mean he will lead by example in hope of teaching the children to play nicely. I wish him luck. The problem with our democracy goes far beyond Stephen Harper’s well documented contempt for […]

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this-on-that: dipper deputy leader: Obama is a liar….update: dipper foreign affairs critic: U.S. government has photos

Well, after the catastrophic election results on Monday, and by that I’m referring to the harper majority, I suppose bashing the new opposition party for any reason whatsoever might be a way to pass the time. Karma, and all that.

Anyway, Barack Obama decides that releasing the pictures of osama bin killed, might not be a good idea.

“It is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who is shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or as a propaganda tool…we don’t trot out this stuff as trophies,” said Obama, who saw the photos.

Deputy dipper Thomas Mulcair says, yeah, that’s because he doesn’t have any pictures, so there!

Thomas Mulcair struck a conspiracy theory note Wednesday when he told CBC TV that U.S. President Barack Obama’s version of the death of the terrorist mastermind is incomplete, if not untrue.

“I don’t think from what I’ve heard that those pictures exist,”

Where did you hear that, Mr.Mulcair? Alex Jones, perhaps?


Well that didn’t take long. Foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar contradicts Mulcair.

“We have no reason to doubt the veracity of President Obama’s statement,” Dewar wrote in an emailed statement.

“I understand that the U.S. government has photos, but decided not to release them as they do not want them used as trophies. This is a legitimate concern. We agree these types of photos shouldn’t be used as propaganda tools.

“As in all cases, the public’s right to know must be balanced with public safety concerns.

So Dewar would hide information when he thinks it’s appropriate? Not very dipper like, I must say!

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Good news everybody!

Still on the Futurama theme. Couple of interetsing items in the news today. We have the Conference Board of Canada releasing their report on the ability of the Winnipeg and Quebec City markets to support an NHL team. I’m not the biggest hockey fan in the world.  However, I do support the Jets coming back […]

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Conservatives win majority

NDP places second, which is the first time a Canadian government has had an opposition party other than the Liberals or Conservatives. It’s certainly a disappointing result, but hardly unanticipated. The Conservatives had been flirting with a majorit…

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Carbon49 - a blog on sustainability for Canadian businesses: Federal Election Reshapes Canada’s Climate Policy Landscape

History was made in Canada’s federal election on May 2. Conservative gets majority goverment while New Democrat serves as Opposition for the first time. How will this alter federal policies on energy, environment, and climate change? Let’s examine the parties’ environmental platforms, their gains and losses, followed by how Canada’s federal policies may change.

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