Five of Five: Karaoke Nationalism

Lips Karaoke Calgary, on 10th St SW made the news by putting up a sign which translates as:

"Diaoyu Island belongs to China. Japanese are not welcome."

I’ve been there a couple of times. What they probably don’t realize is that the average Calgarian won’t want to go there if they are displaying this kind of hostility to their fellow Canadians.  It’s really a bad business move.

The thing

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Five of Five: Gay is the Word

I was in the gym tonight when Toronto Archbishop Tom Collins came on the television.  The Ontario government is currently fine tuning proposed anti-bullying legislation, which of course affects catholic schools.  The legislation would allow students to form anti-bullying, anti-homophobic groups, sometimes known as Gay-Straight Alliances.  The issue right now

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Five of Five: Peter Lougheed Wins Again

A 1975 editorial cartoon showing the early foundations of the  Alberta PC Party’s formula for success Former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed has been named the best “Provincial Premier” of the last 40 years.  The poll was conducted by Policy Magazine using a small number of experts and academics.  I was

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Five of Five: The Shadowy Shadow Cabinet

Wildrose Party experts test a new communication strategy. Danielle Smith revealed her shadow cabinet today, the people who will make up the official opposition in the Alberta Legislature. First the demographics.  All of the candidates except one, are from southern Alberta.  There are only two urban members, both in Calgary.

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