Northern Reflections: A Rae Of Hope

Lawrence Martin  — who admits being inspired by MacKenzie King — looks into his crystal ball this morning and predicts that Bob Rae will lead the Liberals in opposition and Mark Carney will lead them back to power. At the moment, both predictions are a bit of a stretch. However, Martin accurately notes that Rae is off to an "impressive start."

Those who believe that the centre has dropped

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Northern Reflections: They Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

The Hill Times reports that an invitation has gone out to all Conservative MP’s and senators to come and network at the Albany Club on December 1st. The speical guest for the occasion will be Treasury Board President Tony Clement. The menu is part of the draw:

a 10 oz. U.S. bone-in prime beef filet mignon, braised Alberta buffalo
stew, vodka smoked salmon among the main course fine meals

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Northern Reflections: Angry Old Men

Last week, in The Globe and Mail, Brian Topp  wrote that a little discussed part of the government’s Omnibus Crime Bill represents a significant change in policy at Canadian prisons:

To be specific, the Tories want to amend article 4(d) of the Corrections
and Conditional Release Act (1992). The relevant clause establishes the
principle “that the service use the least restrictive measures

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