Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: Uhm. Wow.

Goudreau is a nobody in the "White Nationalist" movement. He is viewed as a joke even amongst his fellow travellers. A modicum of research would clearly indicate this, as well as the fact that the man appears to have delusions of grandeur at best, and is mentally ill or insane at worst.

With this in mind, one of Canada’s largest national newspapers decided to pull him out from anonymity and give

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Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: Paul Fromm’s Support For a Cause Makes His Friendship With Kevin Strom a Bit Awkward

Paul Fromm and Kevin Strom with other notables in the, "White
Nationalist" Movement. Would hate to be Nick Griffin. Who
Knows what Strom had been doing with that hand
earlier in the day?
Paul Fromm has known and worked with Kevin Strom, formerly of the National Alliance before he abandoned the racist group to form his own, the National Vanguard, for many years. For example, in 2004 both of

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Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: The Case of Nerene Virgin

We were sent a message concerning the case of Nerene Virgin, a former CBC journalist and candidate in Hamilton for the Liberal Party of Ontario. Since our lead writer has very fond memories of Ms. Virgin from her time on, "Today’s Special" we were very interested in what she has been happening in her life:

Nerene Virgin ran for the Ontario Provincial Liberals in the 2007 election.  Her main

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Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: Puddles and Hatchet Pissing Contest

So, what happens when Mike "Puddles" Gaio (left) posts a message on Josh "Can-Only-Get-Work-as-a-Carnival-Freak" Steever’s  Facebook profile?

Further proof that boneheads hate each other perhaps even more than the groups they say that they hate:

We aren’t even sure what these two guys are bitching about (though it does also confirm that Gaio has moved back to Toronto after a falling out with

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