Kersplebedeb | Kersplebedeb: Toronto Anarchist Bookfair, July 23-24!

The Toronto Anarchist Bookfair is only 9 days away! Join us for a weekend full of anti-authoritarian activities, workshops, books, zines, food, friends, and great conversations!

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th
10:30am – 6pm

Steelworkers’ Hall (25 Cecil Street) (click here for map)


There will be a great selection of workshops this year, with presentations on:

  • The Occupation of INAC (Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada), before, after and now
  • Pinkwashing and Homonationalism
  • Deconstructing Intoxication Culture
  • Applying Anarchist Ideas to Current Cloud and Standalone Tech
  • Calling In: Doing Justice without Breaking Each Other
  • The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty


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Kersplebedeb | Kersplebedeb: Quick Thoughts on Culture

“Culture” is a framework developed by people to describe patterns of social behaviour, expression, consciousness. A given culture will manifest in multiple ways, will have more than one characteristic. and will in the final analysis be defined by the practice of people, albeit refracted through a distorted view that they have of themselves.

Culture can change, but not according to anyone’s rulebook. It is the result of what large numbers of uncontrollable people will do, often without thinking about it. It is the result of not only what “members of” a culture will do, but also of what others not ………..READ MORE

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