Democratic Progress: Supporters

At the Liberal Convention last weekend, the party passed a motion adding “supporters” as a class of Liberals, and allowing those Supporters to vote in their ridings for the next Liberal leader as part of our new weighted One Member One Vote system. Although there was a campaign pushing this

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Democratic Progress: Dissent

I return again today to the topic of tolerating dissent.

Here’s what @rosiebarton tweeted today that set me off:  I’m listening to the Liberal scrums. These people have a LONG road ahead. No one is on the same page. #cdnpoli and here’s my (two part o…

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Democratic Progress: Leadership

Having argued in my last post that we should avoid obsessing on leadership politics over philosophy and organizing, there’s a reason this post is about leadership. I’m not going to comment on the politics, but rather on the way the party should be cons…

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Democratic Progress: Come Back

Thanks to everyone who read my last piece, by the way (even if you didn’t leave comments).

Here’s what I have to add today.

The way for the Liberal Party of Canada to return to relevance is to work on small-L liberalism. I fervently believe that’s wh…

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