Christian Editor Disses Trump

Donald Trump may have evangelical Christians wrapped around his tiny finger, but at least one of note has expressed a dissenting view. Editor in chief Mark Galli of the magazine Christianity Today has torn a strip off the president. Galli writes that Trump’s actions in Ukraine are “a violation of the Constitution” as well as “profoundly immoral,” and goes on to describe the president as of “grossly immoral character.” Strong stuff. And a loud voice. Christianity Today, founded by Billy Graham in 1956, has long been a leading voice among evangelicals.

So does this mean Trump is losing (Read more…)? Not likely. Other leaders, including Billy Graham’s son, are rallying around the president. Galli himself said he doubts he changed many minds. Furthermore, he will soon be leaving the magazine, perhaps leaving it in the hands of lesser men.

But the editorial is at least a spark of light in the evangelical gloom. It is encouraging that at least one of the faithful is sickened by supposed moral leaders doting on a degenerate politician. “If we don’t reverse course now,” Galli asked, “will anyone take anything we say about justice and righteousness with any seriousness for decades to come?” A cynic might answer that, outside of the congregation, not many have been taking what evangelicals say about justice and righteousness seriously for a long time. Nonetheless, he has at least indicated there is still a conscience in the Bible Belt.