From an Anglo to the Anglophones in Quebec

It is odd being an Anglo in Quebec.  But not because I feel apart from the Francophones.  Indeed, it is Anglo community that I feel estranged from.  I live in small village and there are maybe 3 other people who speak English.  I moved to Quebec 5 years ago and at that time I could say 3 phrases in French none of which were appropriate for polite conversation.  I now conduct most of my affairs in French.

For five years I have been listening to English CBC out-of Quebec.  The endless wining of the !  I just do not connect to their sense of victimization.  It is like listening to a white South African complain about the racism of black South Africans.

With that preface in mind maybe my readers can understand why I just do not feel threatened in the least by a PQ victory or the prospect of a referendum.  I can say yes to the one now and no to the other later if I so choose.  I wish the Anglophones would stop falling for the facile manipulations of the Liberal party.  I am not saying that I don’t think that they should vote Liberal.   What I am saying is that they need to demand some policy substance from the Liberal party.

To my mind the Anglophones would be far better to concentrate on the type of society they want to have regardless of the country name which might, maybe, one day end up on their passport.  Politics in Quebec would be all the better for it.