Rusty Idols: He’s back……

Wow, two months.  A longer time without blogging then I’ve had since I started Rusty Idols lo those many years ago.  What can I say?  Sometimes real life takes precedence.

So while I’ve been gone Huffington Post Canada has continued to be an embarrassment and a disappointment.  Famously progressive in its home country the Canadian version has been a venue for far right felons like Conrad Black, reactionary media dinosaurs like Peter Worthington and  PR releases from Big Oil treated as if they were some kind of column or opinion piece rather than an AstroTurf propaganda carefully coordinated with government figures.

But still pretending to be some kind of independent progressive media voice, it is to laugh, ruefully.

Stateside, the carnival geek show that is the Republican primary has been a grotesque display of drooling halfwits, bigoted maniacs, animal torturers and calculating servants and card carrying members of the 1%.  At the moment they appear to be preparing to commit electoral harakari by picking serial adulterer and racial dog whistler Newt Gingrich.  Democrats must by rubbing their eyes in disbelief that the GOP would want to give them such a gift.

I promise to try to update more often folks – particularly when the bastards and boneheads offer me so much to rant about.