Prime Minister gets his ass sued

OTTAWA – Former federal cabinet minister Helena Guergis is suing Prime Minister Cowboy Steve, the Conservative party, and several of their lackeys for her 2010 ejection from caucus over allegations of improper conduct.

The former cabinet minister publicly stated she had been mistreated and maligned by her former boss and his employees. As plaintiff in the civil lawsuit, she is seeking compensation for damage she claims those actions inflicted on her public reputation. 

A former staffer to the minister told the press “We would like to see his ass sued off. All the way off. He would no longer an ass, so to speak. The money is just gravy.”

An employee in the PMO said that since the Prime Minister felt the charges to be unfounded, he did not fear losing his ass. Veteran television newsman Chuck Antler commented that the removal of Guergis from the Conservative caucus was part of an ongoing effort to rid the government of any hot babes. “A plan is afoot to restore Parliament to its tradition of a dignified men’s club.”

Artist’s rendering of the Prime Minister with no ass