Festive Left Friday Blogging: ¡Feliz Chavidad!

Just in time for the holidays, the latest decorations from Venezuela:

Figurines of Chavecito, Simón Bolívar and other Venezuelan historic heroes decorate a nativity scene.

Of course, Reuters chose to focus first on the local Grinches who don’t like it, but they’re outnumbered, as usual.

And for those who think he has no place in a display like this, or that it’s “disrespectful”, I’d like to remind you of the Catalan tradition of the Caganer, the lucky figurine who pulls down his pants and takes a dump behind the manger. If HE’s not disrespectful if posed behind the scene, neither are Chavecito and the Liberator in front of it.

¡Feliz Chavidad!