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To all of our members who are Progressive Blogger current affiliates; I’d ask you (if it isn’t already set to this in your blog’s configuration) to change your feed status so that when it sends us a feed, it is sent as a summary, not the full post.

In WordPress blogs, if you go into your Dashboard Administration panel, the place to look would be in your Settings -> Reading section, and see if “For each article in a feed, show” is set to Full text, or to Summary, and to switch it to summary if it is not. I’m not as familiar with Blogger blogs or other blogging platform versions like Typepad, but I’m sure they have a similar feed configuration that you can set up what your feed is sending out externally.

The reason for this: In brief, it will spare our database, as we won’t be storing your entire blog post in it, and it may help in slowing/preventing another batch of downtime and slowness from it being overloaded.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Site Admin
Progressive Bloggers