Amusing Yahoo News story: Stephen Harper’s temper tantrum serves to alienate more Quebecers

Always good to see someone in the media lay the cards on the table, although ‘temper tantrum’ is a bit much.

Most often, when you watch Stephen Harper at a news conference or on TV when he’s delivering a speech, it is like looking at a sphinx. You can’t really read him. 

He could be laughing on the inside, or crying, but his face, except for that occasional upturn of the corners of his lips, a sort of smile, is inscrutable. 

But you can decipher his political actions, as many analysts, pollsters and columnists do, so regularly they should pay him commissions as a source for their work. 

Look at the sand storm he stirred up by naming Angelo Persichilli as his new communications director a couple of weeks ago. 

Persichilli is a gentleman and personable in personal situations.He has in the past few years displayed a preference for Harper, in his columns for The Hill-Times, the Toronto Star and the Italian language newspaper, Corriere Canadese. 

But he does not speak French, and as inquiring minds found when they went back to one of his columns, he has even complained there were too many francophones in Ottawa, meaning the political world and Parliament Hill.