Dear Jack…

I have tried three times this week to compose this letter, each time only to trail off in a cloud of tears. Here it goes.

First of all, I want to thank you for your selfless service to your country. We talked about service when I asked you about the F-35 sole sourced contract and the subject turned to the war in Afghanistan and my son’s participation in the conflict overseas. To be honest Jack, I was surprised to receive an email from you personally. Generally, I do not receive personal replies from the other party leaders. I was gratified by your detailed and lengthy response. Thank you.

Thank you for your unwavering belief that the forces of love and peace and optimism can and will prevail. For composing that into a manifesto in your final letter to all Canadians. Thank you for the stark warning that we must prevail to restore the good faith towards Canada globally. For saying out loud that which must not be spoken, that Canada’s reputation has suffered immeasurabley in the last few years. That we are in danger of losing our collective soul, as a nation.

You understood the dangers we face as a society. Of sliding into a fascist disassociated state of individualism. The threats to democracy. You always saw the people because you actually interacted with us. So many stories have come out this week on the CBC and the internet of how you touched Canadian’s lives in very personal ways. 22 Minutes put together a montage of clips that really shone with your gentle humour and charisma.

You Sir, are a great Canadian. You always will be. Peace Brother<3