Broken Internets/Killer Teabaggers on Crack

It’s not a truck, it’s a series of tubes.  Very fragile glass tubes, and sometimes they break.

In the course of doing the so-called “upgrade” they’ve been bragging about for the last 2 months on TV commercials and in the junk mail that relentlessly jams up my postbox, my cable company broke the internets.  I at least have a connection (for now), but wow: to describe it as “slow” would be a classic understatement.  It’s like being on dialup again, without the little beepbeepbeep and static sound effects.

My connection speed has been slowly grinding to a penultimate halt for awhile now.  I suspect this is by design, a little “reminder” to any recalcitrant laggards still on “High Speed” that they might want to think about an upgrade to the new “High-Speed On Steroids”.  Maybe the broken internet was the virtual Horse’s Head in the bed: Nice connectivity you got there — be a shame if anything were to happen to it. 

Johnny Fontane, pick up the courtesy phone!  You’re hired!

In other news, last week I came across a trailer for the movie “Red State” that opens in September.  It appears to be a Tarantino-esque romp based on some cult like the Westboro Baptist nuts, or maybe killer teabaggers on crack… I can’t be sure.  I post, you decide:

The horror, the horror.