“I don’t call it rioting, I call it an insurrection”

Watch a BBC anchorwoman get a bad case of Teh Stoopid (as well as racism) against a respectable man:

Darcus Howe tells it like it is. These are NOT just riots and looting, this is raw outrage by the British underclass at the police state the country is turning into. It is a raw cry for change. It may be inarticulate, but it is important to remember that the “riots” started as a legitimate protest against police brutality. A fact that will no doubt be obscured by this kind of biased and racist reporting in the days and weeks to come. As Jezebel notes, things are getting awfully heavy on the nasty conjecture over there of late. The legitimate, peaceful protests, meanwhile, get no coverage at all.

And don’t you love how they changed the subject and promptly started to play the fear angle to justify the unjustifiable?

Yes indeed, the Beeb has gone WAY downhill. Lord only knows when it will ever get up again. I hold out no hope for it anytime soon.

PS: I’m adding a new category, as I can see one is needed for this sort of story. How about “Merry Old England”?