Well, Well, I do Believe Somebody Touched a Nerve, Mr. Penninga

Wassamatter, Mr. Penninga? Somebody’s having a bad day, I see.   Doncha just hate it when people when folks ask questions and think outside the box?

Before you have a hissy fit, I live in Quebec, and thus, not eligible to vote in Ontario and I am fortunate to live in a province, where , touch wood, to date, all of our MNAs and party leaders are pro-choice.  However,  as a woman who is staunchly pro-choice, on the outside, looking in, I do believe that voters should have as much information as possible about those running for office. That includes, of course, where they stand on abortion and the funding of it.   Is that so unreasonable?

I’m also a tad confused here. You seem to be pissed at Fern Hill, of  Dammit Janet, that ‘blogger’ whom you seem mention with such disdain, who brought your old article at your Christian fundie site, back to life, indicating to me you wish that article, along with Timmy Hudak’s signature on that petition and his pro-life views, remained buried, yet you seem keen on having a debate about abortion.   Which is it?   Don’t answer that. I think I already know. It’s the same with all you fetus fetishists, ain’t it? You don’t really want a debate. A debate is when people argue both sides of a subject with equal air time. You only want to talk about restricting women’s reproductive rights, right?

Why can’t folks just accept their politicians’ word on blind faith? Particularly those of the Conservative persuasion.  And what happens when we dare check a candidate running for office or a sitting politician’s record? Why we merit an accusation of “Gotcha politics”, of course!  And yes, it is called checking “the candidate’s record on issues”.  Kinda sucks when folks put a kink in that, don’t it?

As for the editors at the Toronto Star, you disappoint me so, today.  You would publish the drivel of Mark Penninga, but won’t publish a rebuttle or even a letter to the editor from Fern Hill under her pseudonym? It also appears that you don’t offer a guarantee to publish her if she does use her real name?  

Anyway,  Here’s Fern Hill’s rebuttal and it is worth a read.  Post the link at your web site. Tweet it and facebook it.