Rethuglicans Despise Regulations Except To Regulate What They Don’t Like & Andrea Mrozek Says That Roe V Wade is Anti-Democratic

There are only three clinics that provide abortions left in the state of Kansas. That is three too many for the Rethuglican Kansas governor.  like many other state governors, this winner is finding new fangled, creative ways of circumventing Roe v Wade. They’re doing it by taking a new liking to red tape and regulations. These regulations, as Rachel Maddow points out in the clip below, are quite ridiculous and punitive.

Get this, you’re an abortion provider, you get your notice for the new building codes on the Monday. You get your inspection two days later, hardly any time to even get the permits to renovate, let alone get the work done. If you don’t comply, you get shut down. Abortion is banned in Kansas, having circumvented Roe v Wade.

Indeed,  they hate regulation, unless it’s to regulate something they don’t like.

Poor Andrea Mrozek, yes, I can well see why she doesn’t like Rachel.  Andrea is saying that Roe v Wade is anti-democratic.

And it’s about an unjust law (Roe v. Wade) that tells all Americans they have to like abortion, even where they don’t.

Yeah, and I suppose it would be a lot more fair to ban abortion altogether, not allow a woman to have this choice at all, perhaps sending her back to the days of wire hangers, knitting needles and back alley flophouses and Gawd knows whatever else?

Allowing choice is a no brainer. If you don’t want to have an abortion, don’t have one! Problem solved.  For those who feel the need to have one, can. Though, your friends are making that increasingly difficult as well.  I suppose wire hangers and back alley flop houses are more democratic to you?  Oh, and I wouldn’t believe much from Steynonline, dear.