Awww! Jason Kenney! My Heart Is Breaking! Somebody Get Him a Fainting Couch!

Poor Jason Kenney! By extension, poor, poor Harpercons! My heart bleeds for you! Now we understand why Stevie Spiteful wants to have elected senators. It appears to be all about his dear precious Alberta, a province that sends six senators to the red chamber to represent them.  Jason Kenney’s digestive tract is twisted in a pretzel because four out of the six–bring out the fainting couch, now—are—shriieeekkkk!!!! Libruls!!!!! Yep, only one is a true blue Harpercon, Bert Brown.

Alberta’s Liberal senators include Tommy Banks, Joyce Fairbairn, Grant Mitchell and Claudette Tardif, who are members of the federal Grit national caucus. Former provincial Tory minister Elaine McCoy is one of only two senators in the country to sit as a Progressive Conservative.

Bert Brown, the only one of the six who was elected in an Alberta senatorial vote, sits as a Conservative party senator.

Federal Tory MPs say it’s ridiculous that a province like Alberta, which overwhelmingly votes Conservative, has a majority of Liberals representing them in the Senate, and further demonstrates the need for Senate reform.

Uh, no, I would call that balanced.  Don’t get me wrong,  I support elected senators as the next best thing if we can’t abolish the senate outright.  The very idea of remaining with the status quo under a Harpercon majority, given he will have another 25 to appoint, makes my skin crawl.  I have no idea why my province is balking to the point of taking this to court, I thought my province would jump at the idea of electing senators rather than Harper continuing to stack it with his brown nosers, flunkies and ideologues.  Anything to keep the stench of Harpercon out of here.

I just find Jason Kenney’s indignation really hilarious given Stevie Spiteful’s appointments of late. The hypocrisy is just awesome!  I mean,  Canadians had rejected Fabian Manning (twice!), Senator Touchdown and Josee Verner.  We rejected them. We did not want  Verner, the female Don Cherry,  and Smith representing us. Given Manning had been rejected at polls in Avalon twice, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that good folks of Newfoundland and Labrador don’t exactly want him representing them in the red chamber. Where is your indignation, Mr. Kenney?  Would you get in your boss’s face and tell him that we don’t want these particular people in the senate? I thought not.

I’m going to add that I don’t like Jacques Demers representing me in the senate. Call me an elitist, if you will, but  if someone is going to be voting on legislation on my behalf, I would  prefer that they actually know how to read it.  Something tells me that this requires a reading level beyond Dr. Seuss.

At least P E Trudeau and Paul Martin appointed some opposition senators. Can you say the same about your boss, Jason?

Oh, Jason, it’s not enough that you have your majority in the HoC. You have an outright majority in the senate.  Stevie, your boss, will have 25 more of his friends and flunkies to appoint before 2015. The Supreme Court will be stacked most likely with the most socially conservative ideologues Stevie can scrounge.  Can’t you just be happy with what you have??