New Resolution: A Resolution Regarding Poverty and Social Exclusion

A Resolution Regarding Poverty and Social ExclusionProposed by: Carol-Anne Hudson, HamiltonDate: 09/05/11Whereas we are committed to living in an Ontario without poverty and; Whereas we are committed to living in a society where all citizens are considered equal and;Whereas we are committed to living in a society where there are no barriers to full participation by all people in supportive governance structures as well as the social, economic and cultural development of the province, in particular, those persons who face discrimination on the grounds of their race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or who are other abled and;Whereas we are committed to living in a province where every person can achieve her or his full potential and to contribute to the development of a fair and compassionate society according to their abilities and;Whereas we are committed to the principles of respect, dignity, inclusion, co-operation, diversity, and the centrality of community;Be it resolved that (party name) will work to strengthen the Poverty Reduction Act (2009) and establish:• Specific poverty reduction targets at least every three years;• Community-based data accounts with comprehensive facts and figures and linked to the government’s statistical data base with full public access;• A permanent, inter-ministerial working group compromised of at least 50% of those living with poverty and historically excluded groups including immigrants, women, single mothers, people who are other abled, aboriginal peoples and racialized groups, 25% members from the Third Sector, 15% government representatives (including civil servants and elected officials) and 10% from the business and academic sectors;• Annual progress reports that fully disaggregates data;• Public participation extended beyond biannual consultations to also include a permanent policy network linking communities to the government-based working group;Be it resolved that the elimination of poverty and social exclusion will be based on three core goals as determined by the people of Ontario in their petition for a poverty-free society (2008):• Ensuring livable incomes that affirm the dignity for all Ontarians- including those unable to work.• Investing in strong and supportive communities where opportunity and equitable inclusion is a reality for all, through enhanced access to affordable housing, early learning and child care, education and community programs that help people connect and thrive.• Achieving sustaining employment through a good jobs strategy that assures a living standard above poverty for any adult who works full time throughout the year and that pursues equitable access to work, fair pay and stable working conditions for all Ontarians. Be it further resolved that the (party name) will work co-operatively with all sectors to act immediately and to invest in high priority areas such as food supplements, pharmaceuticals, childcare, transportation, building and restoring affordable housing units, increasing and indexing social income support benefits, and broadening eligibility for social programs and services. Be it further resolved that the (party name) does not seek to restore or rehabilitate the Keynesian Welfare State, rather it seeks to promote the full integration of all citizens in a manner that reaffirms the party’s determination to transform society from the existing neo-liberal, capitalist system that has only profits as its primary consideration to one that privileges social cohesion and is truly democratic, inclusive and poverty free.