Victoria Liberal Christopher Causton’s Campaign Launch (video)

Yesterday afternoon I attended the campaign kick event off for Federal Liberal Party Candidate Christopher Causton.  It was also interesting to hear him clarify his position on election signs as that is a big interest area for me.   He said that as the 25 year Mayor of  Oak Bay, a municipality with some of the most restrictive sign laws out there, he didn’t feel he could push for one set of laws for residents all this time and then abide by another for the next 4 weeks by saying “but it’s OK for me.”

I really think he makes a lot of sense when he talks about the vast amount of experience he brings from running local government and how this would be a big plus in ensuring all 3 levels of government (municipal, provincial and federal) are able to understand and work together better to the benefit of Victorians.  My partner from AM Fresh got some video of the speech although we missed the first part of it.