Updates from The National Citizens Coalition

FYI, I get emails from the NCC, all of them peddling shamelessly for Harper…

April 12, 2011:

Dear Friend of freedom,

It seems like just yesterday that we braved a certain frigid December day, which changed the way we’d look at Canadian politics for a generation. We rallied for Canada against the socialist-separatist coalition.

We thought we had put this all behind us, but now, in the midst of a surprise election, while our economic recovery is still fragile, the ambition of Michael Ignatieff and his reckless co-conspirators has proven too much and it’s time to raise the alarm again.

If we don’t see stability in Ottawa, the coalition will try to take over again. If they do, you might as well staple Michael Ignatieff’s platform together with that of the NDP and the separatist Bloc. They all love to spend our money on their special interests. Meanwhile, they won’t say no to each other’s spending demands, while they dangerously hold onto power.

Friend, the National Citizens Coalition (NCC) is an organization that is continuing the fight alongside Rally for Canada, letting Canadians know about this socialist-separatist threat. The NCC is mobilizing the fight against the coalition in key ridings where our voices can make the strongest difference during this critical election.

We’re buying billboards, radio ads and spreading the word via social media. You answered Canada’s cry for freedom before, will you do it again?

I’m asking you for a $20, $50, or $200 contribution, whatever you can afford to help us in this fight. Please click here to make your contribution. Every dollar helps gets our message out to more Canadians. Will we celebrate the end of the coalition soon? Let’s win this fight!

Thank you,
Stephen Taylor
Fellow Rallier
Director, National Citizens Coalition

PS – Please watch the attached video by clicking here. It delivers our very serious message in a humorous and memorable way. Please forward this email and our video to as many of your friends and fellow citizens as possible.

April 15, 2011:

Dear friend,

I contacted you a few short days ago regarding the socialist-separatist coalition that threatens to destabilize Canadian politics. When asked point-blank in the leaders’ debate of his plans for a coalition after an election won by Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff said that Stephen Harper could go ahead and just “try” to form a government.

Will Michael Ignatieff “try” to form a coalition instead? To paraphrase another Liberal, “Just Watch Him”.

I sent you a video that we produced at the NCC likening Ignatieff, Layton, and the separatist Duceppe as the Three Stooges bungling everything from raising our taxes to opening the floodgates on government spending. We’ve been criticized for our efforts by the usual suspects on the left for our video (including a firestorm of anti-conservative vitriol at the Globe and Mail), but on the day it launched, our website nearly crashed under the traffic and the video got thousands and thousands of views.

Even the CBC featured it as an example of getting the word out virally! Imagine that…

The NCC is the only right-of-centre organization registered with Elections Canada for this federal election. That means that while the other special interests groups are shilling for more government pork, we’re the only ones standing athwart this election yelling “STOP”! Our special interest is the taxpayer, free enterprise and smaller government.

I wanted to share an urgent action item with you today. Please see our attached radio ad that we’re pushing into heavy rotation in strategic ridings across the country. Our efforts are completely donor-driven. If you agree that the outcome of this election is critical, please consider making the maximum contribution that you can afford at this time whether it be $20, $50, $200 or more. To do so, please click here.

Thank you,
Stephen Taylor
Fellow Rallier
Director, National Citizens Coalition

April 19, 2011:


I just wanted to give you a quick shout to let you know about the amazing feedback we’re getting spreading the small-c conservative message to ridings that could go either way in this election. We are running radio ads in key markets where we think they will make the greatest impact come election day. We are reaching millions of Canadians during this election with our message that Canada needs more freedom through less government. You can click here to check out the issues that WE think should be on the agenda this election.

Also, you may have seen that the Globe and Mail featured criticism of the NCC and our viral marketing campaign against the coalition. Not only this, but the same so-called “newspaper of record” got their facts wrong on the NCC and tried to put words in Stephen Harper’s mouth that weren’t his! And would you be surprised that the Liberals took this misattributed quote and used it in one of their shameless attack ads? They did! Just more evidence of what we’re up against this election.

Your support has been encouraging and I wanted to send this note to say thank you.

You are an important part of the conservative movement. Your enthusiasm is motivating!


Stephen Taylor
Director, National Citizens Coalition

The NCC got its start fighting universal health care, and counts Harper as one of its favoured sons. Harper worked there for a time when he tired of the Reform Party. When he re-entered politics, the NCC was more than happy to run ads in his riding to help him get elected. The NCC desperately wants Harper to have a majority. Gee, I wonder why…