Harper G8 deception…

Kudos to where they are due: Joe Warmington in Sun Media today.

“We found that money expended for the G8 infrastructure projects under the Border Infrastructure Fund were approved by Parliament without any indication that $50-million of the appropriations for border congestion reduction would be spent on G8 legacy projects,” she wrote in a leaked document. “In our opinion, Parliament was misinformed.”

What would happen if you misinformed them on your tax form?

Meanwhile, despite these assertions, the government is not being beaten with batons, strip searched, kettled and — against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms — locked up with no proper charges in a makeshift gulag for allegations like blowing bubbles?

And the public is skeptical about real repercussions while it pays $1.30 a litre for gas and struggles to feed their families without any help from a $50-million slush fund of their own cash.”