Debate post script

For the second night in a row, I didn’t watch the Leaders’ debate (there was an all-candidates debate in York Centre tonight which featured an equally jarring Tory candidate, but that’s for another day).Radio-Canada’s coverage of the post-debate was really good, and featured, among other things, a reality check on Duceppe’s finger wagging about the support of the other parties for a federal loan guarantee for the prospective development of Muskrat Falls. I can’t find it on line (yet), but if it shows up later I’ll re-post. It suggested that a maximum of 100MW of power could be sold into the U.S. market, after N.S. and it’s cheapest price would be double that of hydro-electricty being exported from Quebec and virtually uncompetitive. Note: Rad-Can has an older “reality check” online from nearly two weeks ago here, which varies slightly.