Help save the CBC!

So I’m not too happy to announce that nothing really that interesting has been happening in my life recently. I haven’t been working with YSB for a while, and I’m no longer on the CSSDP’s advisory board (as far as I know, anyway) because I couldn’t make it to their annual conference.

I’m going to be doing an interview with Anne from sometime soon, and I’ll be sure to post that as soon as I get a chance to.

For Christmas I got to see my mom, brother, uncle and grandmother all of whom I haven’t seen in a long long while, so that was excellent. I also got tons of amazing gifts! Lots of new vinyl to listen to, most importantly. Oh, and I met my mom’s new boyfriend and he’s awesome, very cool and very Norwegian. Excellent!

Anyway, I give a lot of thought to posting new posts but I rarely get around to doing so … I feel like I don’t have much more to say. Plus I’m not doing as much activism as I was, even though I would love to still be doing it!!

So take care, everyone, and have a happy New Year!

Oh yeah — and look below, sign the petition to save the CBC! If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have discovered a bunch of amazing bands like Chic Gamine !!! Check out their track Days and Days if you can, they’re amazing.