Harm Reduction Superheroes!

So last Thursday I did a panel speech and presented a workshop at YSB’s forum. It was called Building Bridges and it focused on youth ‘in transition’ from youth to adulthood and how we can better support them.

Oh yeah, on a side note, things with Kristy didn’t exactly work out. I know, what a fucking surprise.

But on the positive side, I met this REALLY cool girl named Wendy, who does advocacy for sex workers. She does basically the same thing I do except sex work instead of drug use. She’s absolutely amazing! And cute, and smart (but those are just bonuses).

Well, we presented the community services workshop together, and having never met before, we worked together quite amazingly! So well in fact, that we spent the whole day together, talking and laughing and cracking jokes. Laughing a LOT, in fact, so much that we disturbed the other presenters in our workshop. Stupid evaluation forms, they’re really asking for snarky comments!

So. We decided to create a ‘company’ to market our unique skills and to try to push our education/advocacy to a whole new level. I’ve already created an AMAZING poster and sent it out to the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, the International Harm Reduction Association, VANDU, CSSDP, and a couple others. I think we’ll get a pretty positive response. Even before I made this poster, a lady from the forum was asking for me specifically, to talk at an event she’s doing. Pretty awesome!

So, I’ll see if I can upload this PDF for you all to see. Oh, wait. I can’t cause it has our names all over it. Oh well. I’ll keep you updated on what happens! If you want to book us to talk, contact me by leaving a comment and I’ll email you the poster and we can chat about possibilities!

Oh, shit, of course — I should send it to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. They do conferences… I think. Yeah, if you can think of any conferences at all that would like to see us there, please pass it on!

Hope you’re all doing okay. I wish I could post more!