So hey. I apologize again for the shabby posting as of late, but here’s the reason:

Yes, that’s right, a girl! Can you believe it? I know, you’ve been there with me through a couple of them now! But for real — this one could be the one. And I really mean that. Like THE ONE. And although I’m a sappy, hopeless romantic, it’s not very often that I say that. As a matter of fact, I’ve only ever said it once before. Unfortunately she lives in Sault Ste. Marie BUT she’s moving to Ottawa. In part to be with me, but she was already planning on moving here (or else I would have been a bit more wary to diving in). She’s coming to visit for her birthday June 28, and staying for Canada Day before returning to SSM on July 4th.

I really, really really like her. She’s such a sweetheart, and so caring and smart! and beautiful, and amazingly full of heart & passion. She constantly is making me smile or laugh, she’s got wit and style, and I can’t say enough amazing things about her. She’s a stoner, and that’s great because it means that she’s super cool about all of society, not just the elite that have jobs and stuff. She only works for a coffee shop herself, and she’s never quick to judge. Upon arriving, she’s going to take entry exams for Algonquin. She’s still deciding what she wants to take, but she wants to work outdoors (how awesome is that?) She’s only very slightly younger than me (turning 21 on aforementioned b-day) which is super important to me, cause the girls that it never works with seem to all be substantially younger than me. She has a car and is a very safe driver. As you can see for yourself she’s absolutely gorgeous. She’s not quite as affectionate and romantic as I am (at least, not in the same ways) but she’s getting used to the words “babe” and “sweetheart” etc. cause I spew them all the time.
We both have GREAT taste in music. Every day we do our ‘song of the day’ and we’re constantly learning about new music from each other. We’re also going to watch each other’s top 10 movies of all time lists. Right now she’s watching American Beauty, which I was so surprised she’s never seen because it’s literally some of the best cinema in existance. She’s really liking it, as I knew she would.
I literally cannot say it all in words. As much as I know that I fall in love easily, and I always think that I have a ‘special, unique’ connection to every girl, here’s the clincher — I HAVEN’T totally fallen in love yet! It’s partially because she’s in another city and I’ve had bad long-distance experiences but also I think because it’s real, and I don’t want to rush it. So my heart is (thankfully) taking it slow. We haven’t even said the L-word yet but I can tell we’re both feeling it. Every day I come home and my facebook has a message like “arrgh. I’ve been waiting for you to get home since I got home! I’ve been thinking about you all day and going through you-withdrawals. ouff you’re stuck in my head!”

I think I’m going to go crazy!